Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost 4 Months!

Next Tuesday, I will have transitioned for 4 months!! This is so exciting!

My hair is changing every day. I have about 2 inches of new growth (stretched) and the line of demarcation (where the relaxed hair meets its new neighbor aka natural hair) is clearly visible. I was experiencing a lot of shed, so have been proactive in reducing hair loss.

My current regimen and product list:

1 x week shampoo
  • Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil and Creamy Aloe Shampoo -- makes my hair shiny and soft, feels as though I've conditioned it. My new growth seems to enjoy it just as much as my relaxed hair, so for now it's a keeper!
  • When I flat iron my hair, I use a Keratase Oleo Relax Shampoo (expensive, but a tiny amount goes a long way, I've had this bottle for 2 years)

1 - 2 x week condition (flat-ironed or roller set hair) / 2 -3 x week condition (protective styling)
  • Dove Heat Defense Conditioner (not crazy about it, it's hit or miss)... however, when this bottle is finished I'll be on the lookout for a new conditioner.
  • Flat ironing days: Keratase Oleo Relax Deep Conditioner (it's so good and again a little goes a long way!)

1 - 2 x per month protein treatment
  • Joico Kpak Deep Penetrating Protein Treatment (no complaints thus far, seems to be working even better on my transitioning hair than it did on my relaxed)
  • Aphogee 5 in 1 Reconstructor (too soon to critique)

1 x week deep conditioner (10 minutes under dryer)
  • Olive Oil Replenishing Condition (works like a charm)
  • Argan Oil (excellent, going to be so sad when my bottle runs out, as I bought it in Morocco)

1 x month flat iron to trim hair
  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture* (wonderful, makes my hair super soft)
  • Mane & Tale Detangler* (too soon to comment)
  • Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor Spray* (too soon to comment)
  • Argan Oil (wonderful)

* used during roller set routine as well

2 x month roller set
  • Lotta Body Olive Oil Setting Lotion (diluted in water)... under the dryer now using this for the first time, we'll see...

Update... worked incredibly! My hair is so shiny and soft!

Protective Styles
Now that it's summer I wash, scrunch and air dry or on really hot days I just put my hair up in a bun. When I wear my hair in a bun, I wrap it when I go to bed, and the edges are smooth the next day, so I can put it up in a bun again: I often style it with the little 50's style bump for added flair.
Summer seems to be the perfect time for transitioning, I'm just trying to continue to keep my hair moisturized and encourage growth!

Peace & Love

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