Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Hairdates: Vatika Oil + LOC

What is the current length of your hair?

When wet, the back of my hair reaches my shoulders. My sides are still growing at snail speed. :/ Patience, patience. I hate the mullet look (see 2nd pic) it gives me, so if I wear my hair out, I usually pin my sides back. I threw in a pic of my hair from January (Transition chop) - I've come along way without even realizing it!



What products are you currenty loving?

Dabur Vatika oil!! I wish someone tied me down when I went natural and poured this stuff all over my hair! I've heard bloggers and vloggers comment on Vatika oil. I always thought, what's the big deal, it's just coconut oil. No, this stuff is like the holy grail of coconut oil, it's coconut oil on steroids! Vatika oil contains herbs, henna and coconut oil, among other things. I didn't feel the effect right away, I put it on my hair (as a moisturizer), went to sleep (w/ a satin scarf) and woke up to amazingly soft hair. I don't use it as my sealer and usually put a heavier oil on top of it. If you haven't tried it,what are you waiting for!? I'm also noticing less shedding since I started using it. And not sure if it's possible, but I think the amla (in Brahmi oil) and henna (in Vatika) has darkened my highlights to a lovely coppery-red color, not sure if that's possible. However, this is the first time my highlights haven't ended up brassy.

Aussie Moisture Conditioner. It's give me less slip than Tresemmé Naturals, but man when you whip this stuff up with some aloe and honey, pop on a plastic cap and sit under the dryer-- magic happens!

Coconut oil. With dry and chilly fall weather upon us, this is definitely my go-to sealant. It does gets the job done!

Aloe juice. I've been using this as a detangler and deep conditioner.

On another note, I've neglected my rhassoul clay for a few weeks, think it's time to revisit this weekend!

What's your current wash regimen?
  • Cowash once per week, depending on the style, sometimes twice, but no more than two times per week.
  • Shampoo (using my special mixture) twice per month (every 14 days) or wash with rhassoul clay mixture.
  • Apply an oil, apply a leave-in. - I will never go back to leave-in then oil method. My dryness issues have almost vanished since I've started applying an oil directly to my hair (LOC method) followed by a leave-in conditioner.

How have you been styling your hair?
-5 days in twists, then wore a twist out for the weekend.
-Blown out braid outs for 3 day, then bunned it for the rest of the week.

What challenges have you faced?

-Fly aways/frizz, I always have these little hairs that stick up whenever I'm wearing an updo! I've tried a little gel, I've tried the satin scarf, these helps, but as the day continues, they always return.
-Shorter hair in the front. When I pull my hair up, I end up using more bobby pins than I'd like, I can't wait for the front growth to catch up with the back!

Any drastic changes to your regimen or hair?
Still all about the LOC method!

Would you like to offer any hair advice for this month?
Vatika oil!

Happy October!

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