Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blow-Out Flexirod Results

I'm thrilled with the result of my dry flexi-rod set. First, I blow dried my hair on the lowest setting. I didn't blow-dry until my hair was 100% dry. My hair is really thick, so I wasn't looking forward to it,however, since my hair was well conditioned and already in 3 parts, it was really easy to do.

What I noticed with this method, was less breakage and shedding. I believe, flexirod sets on wet hair require more manipulation and since the hair needs to be soaking wet, it's more vulnerable to breakage. Also the curls were a lot looser and flowing vs. the flexi-wet set, which leaves me with overly defined curls that take forever to fall! The only down-side is that I slept with the rollers in my hair... took me a while to find a comfortable position, but in the end it worked out! =) 

Here are some pics I took during and after. I will definitely be trying this again, perhaps I'll air dry my hair next time. If I get the same results, I'll be thrilled, because that means curls without any heat!

Washed, conditioned and deep conditioned hair. I blotted it with a old poly/sateen scarf before blow drying.

Natural hair growth check!

Yay for curls, had no idea this was hiding underneath my relaxed hair all these years!

 Scarf, baseball cap (15 minute-20 mins).: a little trick I use to smooth my roots and edges. Since I didn't apply heat to my roots they were a bit frizzy.

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