Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Natural Coverage on NPR

Along this journey there have been moments where I've questioned my decision to go natural. It seems the universe keeps sending me messages when I start to doubt.

My husband has been very supportive during my transition.  He loves the texture and pattern of my new coils and tells me if I decide to just chop my relaxed ends, it would look really cool (I'm still not there emotionally, I just like to have the length). His excitement, even though he jokingly pokes fun at me when he catches me looking at my new growth before going to bed, has really provided me with a lot of motivation.

The other day, I met up with a good friend that I hadn't seen in quite some time. I was sporting a braid out and when she saw me the first thing she said was, your hair looks amazing, I love what you've done with it. I explained that I was transitioning and growing out my relaxed hair. She began to excitedly ask if I'd have big curly hair and whether I could style it in a fro sometimes, because she (fine, wavy haired, Irish girl) has always been envious of people with hair that can be styled like that. I've never received such compliments when I relaxed my hair, so am definitely enjoying all of the positivity!

My mother in-law, can't stop touching my hair each time I see her, she always manages to find a way to greet me and touch my hair at the same time.

Healthy hair is also a question of life style, so I'm nourishing it by drinking lots of water, eating really healthy and exercising. In conclusion my hair is feeling the love! Some days are more difficult than others and my braid out or low manipulation styling attempts don't always turn out as I please, but bad hair days are part of life, that's true for every woman.

Speaking of signs from the universe, today I stumbled across this interview while reading the news on NPR. Robin Young discusses Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair, the increasing communities of natural hair bloggers/vloggers and interviews blogger Maeling Tapp of Maeling has been natural 2 years and her hair is so full and GORGEOUS (check out the pic). It's so wonderful to see natural hair being embraced and talked about positively in the media. I've included the link to the interview below:

Peace & Love

P.S. - The shampoo I purchased last week is very mild, which works wonders for retaining moisture. The conditioner on the other hand, I'm not too crazy about. It's quite drying, probably due to the fact that one of the main ingredients is alcohol. I promise to take my time and carefully read through the ingredients on my next purchase. In the meantime, I recently pre-pooed with a mixture of argan, almond, caster, coconut oils, this did help counteract the drying of the new conditioner. The conditioner apparently contains shea butter and honey, both of which I have.... perhaps it's time for me to make my own conditioner with those ingredients. Why can't hair companies practice what they preach/promise!

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