Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini Puffs

I've been trying to perfect my night routine for some time. When I had a twa, I could just throw on a bonnet, go to sleep, wake up, dampen my hair and style in under 5 minutes. Now that was a wash-n-go, literally. Back then, my hair took less time to dry. It also wasn't a big deal to wake up to flat, matted hair, because it was simple to fluff out. Now that my hair is no longer in the twa phase, it's not fun waking up to flattened coils. It takes longer to wet my hair and I have to wash it everyday.

When I searched my online resources for advice on a nighttime routine, most people suggested pineappling. This just isn't an option for me, since my hair isn't long enough yet. Well, recently I stumbled across a Youtube user (will post video later) who suggests putting about 4-5 little puffs or mini-pineapples all over your head and loosely wrapping it at night.

I tried it last night and let me tell you, if you don't already do this and have short hair, you must try it! My hair maintained volume and was slightly more stretched. If I can be frank, it looked better day 2 than it did on day 1! I'm loving the super fast routine and not waiting for my hair to dry all day! I'm going to try it again tonight, to see if I can get day 3 hair!

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