Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cassia Update

Cassia powder is an excellent conditioner which makes hair glossy and thick and also improves the condition of the scalp. If you mix cassia with water and use it within the hour, the color of
your hair will not change (Cartwright-Jones, Henna for Hair, 2006). If your hair is dark, cassia will not lighten or color your hair. So you can benefit from all the conditioning properties, without the color. This is an advantage for those wanting to experiment with henna without dying their hair. However, the effects of cassia are not as long-lasting as henna, which is why I suggest applying once per month.

"Cassia obovata, angustifolia and alata have high levels of anthraquinones and crysophanic acid, and are
very effective inhibitors of skin fungus, mite infestations, bacterial and microbial diseases. Cassia alata,
which has high levels of anthraquinones and crysophanic acid, has been traditionally used to treat eczema,
itching and skin infections in humans. The cassias with high levels of anthraquinones and crysophanic acid
are genuinely effective in promoting healthy conditions of skin and hair (Catherine Cartwright-Jones, Henna for Hair, 2006)."

I've used cassia four times and think I will keep it in my regimen. The first time I used it, I noticed my hair was notably shinier and softer, but was not sure if this was a fluke. Yesterday, my results my results were surprisingly, less than stellar. I think this had more to do with the conditioner I used  to wash it out. I ran out of my Garnier Triple Moisture, which does a decent job of leaving my hair moisturized and soft. The conditioner I had on hand didn't do much for my hair. I can say that my hair feels stronger, even if it's on the wiry side today. I'll probably be due for a DC soon.

Here are some pics (without flash) from the first time I used cassia back in March. For information on the recipe and process I used, please see the previous post.

So the verdicts in, I'm a cassia head! Do you use cassia? What results have you noticed and how do you apply it?

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