Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Hair Dates: Protective Styles + Rhassoul Clay


What is the current length of your hair?
The back of my hair is shoulder length when wet/stretched. My sides almost chin length length when wet/stretched. The front is almost ear length when wet or stretched. In other words: Total natural MULLET! I don't plan on cutting it into a style, because I've learned my hair naturally grows in layers. I'll just keep disguising the mullet until I reach my desired length (mid back).

What products are you currently loving?
Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This will always be my top oil. Nothing gives me shine or penetrates my hair quite like olive oil. I mix it in my conditioner, use it as a skin moisturizer and make-up remover. Aah I heart you EVOO.

Rhassoul Clay - See my past posts for the deets.

Aussie Moist - Mixed with some EVOO, this stuff moisturizes, as the name implies!

What's your current wash regimen?
  • Cowash 1 time per week.
  • Shampoo (using my special mixture) or by rubbing diluted vinegar on my scalp, once per month.
  • LOC (leave-in, oil, conditioner)
  • Style, preferably protective

How have you been styling your hair?
Twists. My hair has been in two strand twists for the past two weeks. This is the longest I've ever kept twists in!! I'm primarily worn them up, because I prefer them to be a little longer and heavier if I am going to wear them down.
I even cowashed my hair in twists last week! It was cool, they weighed down my hair more so they had more stretch to them after the shower. I'm going to wash my hair today or tomorrow, will be nice to play in it again!

What challenges have you faced?
Not many, I still try to manipulate less to make sure my edges aren't getting thinner. That and time. On wash day, if I style my hair in twists, it takes me a total of 3 - 3.5 hours. After that I don't style for another 1 to 2 weeks, however.

Any drastic changes to your regimen or hair?
Holding styles longer than I could a few months ago. Being consistent about taking a daily vitamin.

Would you like to offer any hair advice for this month?
Try to drink enough water. Now in colder months, it's just as important, especially if you live in a dry climate like myself. Generally, I'm less thirsty in winter, but notice my skin and hair tends to be dryer. I try to drink 1 liter of warm lemon water per day. I find it warms me up and keeps me hydrated.

What hair products do you hope to receive in your stocking: 
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioning Mask, a silk scarf to wrap my hair.

Hope you had a happy November! Any fun holiday plans? Any hair products on your Xmas list?

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