Monday, December 10, 2012

Natural Hair Styles for the Holidays

I'm looking for a special holiday style to wear for Xmas and New Years. Really, these style can really be worn any time of the year. Here are four styles I came up with: finger coils, French braid, half-braid/half-down, coil out. I think most of these can be used on short, medium and long hair.
Finger Coils
1. On freshly washed hair, separate hair in 4 sections.
2. Working on each section, take a small to medium amount of hair, two strand twist the root (so it doesn't unravel). Next, gently twirl the hair around your finger in a clockwise fashion.

Note: I got lazy and only did the back of my hair, however, it still turned out fine. I just pinned the top back for a voluminous look.

A helpful video on finger coiling: Finger Coil Video

Messy-Chic French Braid

1. Separate hair into three sections, top, middle and back.
2. Start braiding downward from the top.
3. When you are 3/4 done, add in your middle section and repeat until you reach the bottom section. Attach braid with a hair tie.

Note: This style was done on stretched hair.

I couldn't find a video on single French braid on natural hair. Here is a helpful video by Naptural85, she does it on shrunken hair. I suggest trying it on stretched hair and separating your hair in a mohawk fashion: French Braid How To

1. Separate the hair into two sections: 1 large bottom section and 1small top portion of your hair, this is the section you will braid.
2. (optional) To add a little dimension, rub a little water on two small front sections, two strand twist them and roller set/flexirod them. This will add volume to the side.
3. French braid the top section, leaving about 1/4 loose. 
4. Pin the braid to hold it in place, release the bottom section, fluff till your liking. 
5. (optional) Add a cute head band.

Coil Out
1. Separate your coils. Fluff. Smile and Go

Do you have any special holiday styles you'd like to try?

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