Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New Things!

In the past, I've tried the Curly Girl Method and Tightly Curly Method, hoping it would help me moisturize my hair. Unfortunately, it left me with lots of build-up and waxy hair Additionally, since going natural, I've  a problem with dry ends, even days after trimming. This was not related to styling: I used little manipulation and have only flat-ironed my hair twice. It was not related to sealing, I've tried the LOC method, the LCO method-- still dry ends. It was not related to deep conditioning, I do so once per week.

So with a New Year, I took time to evaluate what I may be doing wrong. I'm on a mission to tackle my dry end issue and wanted to share what I am trying at the moment. It's a little bit of old and new:

Curly Girl Method! Yes, again. However, this time, I am only applying conditioner as my leave-in to my ends and not all over my hair. I plan on re wetting my ends when they feel a little dry and conditioning them again. So far, my ends feel supple and soft. We'll see if this does the trick. I'm also laying off the oils for a little, to see how my hair responds without constant oiling, which hasn't done too much for me. I'll continue to use oils in my deep conditioner and will add a very light oil to my leave-in. However, I'm taking a break from the sealing, because I haven't really noticed any results, only build-up.

Are there are new things you're trying or old parts of your routine that you've abandoned, due to less than stellar results?

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