Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rhassoul Clay Revisted

I haven't used rhassoul clay in a couple of months. Previously (My Adventures with Rhassoul Clay), I applied rhassoul clay by diluting it in water, mixing it, pouring it on my hair, letting it sit, then rinsing it out of my hair. Recently, I applied it as a mask. Going forward, this is the only way I will ever apply rhassoul clay!! My hair is soft, cleansed but not stripped, my ends curled up and my curls are bouncy and smooth. Another thing I did differently this time, I applied vinegar and aloe to my mixture. As stated previosly, rhassoul clay has a higher ph: 6.9 - 7.5, so adding vinegar and aloe lowers the ph, in addition to making your hair more moisturized.

Rhassoul Clay Mask Recipe

10 TBSP rhassoul
7 TBSP Vinegar
Distilled water
1 TBSP Aloe juice

1. Add vinegar to the clay first and stir, the mixture should be lumpy and thick. Add water to get the clay to a smooth, medium consistency (not too runny). Just before applying the clay to your hair, add the aloe juice.

2. Apply the rhassoul clay to slightly damp hair. My hair was not washed prior to applying, I just spritzed it generously with a spray bottle. When applying the clay, try not to rub it into the hair as if you were applying a conditioner, just coat the strands with the clay.

3. Let it sit on the hair about 30 minutes, no cap necessary. Do not let the clay dry on hair.

4. Rinse well and be amazed by the incredible results of rhassoul. It cleans the hair of impurities and leaves the hair moisturized and shiny.


The day I did this treatment, I decided to have a spa experience at home. I whipped up my favorite hot oil treatment: olive oil, honey, and a little peppermint essential oil and applied this to my hair. I then put on a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 45 minutes.

My hair feels great and I'm excited that I'm keeping up with my goal of mainting healthy, happy hair. Now, if I could get these sides to grow a little faster, to get rid of this awful helmet head shape I've got.

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