Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Secret Product

When transitioning, I pampered my hair all the time. I noticed that after going natural, those special sessions decreased. It's as though I thought, now that I'm natural all of that deep conditioning and hot oil treatments are not necessary. So not the case!

With the temperatures on the rise and increased hours of sun (well excluding this week, it's been raining nonstop), it's important to make sure the hair stays protected and moisturized. This week, my hair felt a bit dry after returning from my vacation in France. So, I decided to revisit deep conditioning with olive oil, one of my favorite oils. I shampooed my scalp, mixed my conditioner with olive oil (1/2 oil, 1/2 conditioner), sectioned my hair in 4 parts and applied the mixture. Next, I put on a plastic cap and sat under a hooded dryer for about 45 minutes. I haven't used my hooded dryer since my transition! Upon finishing my deep conditioning session my hair felt noticeably soft. I then rinsed out the conditioner and applied my leave-in of choice, Garnier's avocado and shea leave-in (this stuff is good). Next, I decided to apply some of my coconut oil. I hadn't used coconut oil for sealing and wanted to give it a try. My hair didn't feel noticeably softer after, actually it felt a bit harder. So, I did what any PJ would do and reached for another product to remedy my not so stellar coconut oil seal. But to my surprise, I suddenly found my hands stumbling for....
Organic Root Stimulator Coconut Oil

I know the bottle reads Coconut Oil, but this is hair grease. You may ask, why put coconut oil on top of coconut oil. Well, I just had this crazy urge to revisit the old school use of grease. I used a small amount to slick down the front of my hair, into a low pony puff (see below) and I used a small amount on my ends, which are prone to dryness. 

I then put on my satin scarf for about 20 minutes. Guess what? My hair has not felt this soft, since I've gone natural-- no lie. Additionally, my curls were springy and my ends were very soft. I've been wearing my hair like this since Sunday night and I'm on 3 day hair now. I plan on doing a deep conditioner again soon. My dilemma: what resulted in this softness? Was it a combination of olive oil deep conditioner, coconut oil and grease? Was it the grease alone that rescued my locks? It's a mystery. Although, it could be that since coconut oil is deep penetrating, it takes some time to see the results and it's not an immediate result, as such when applying a leave-in. For one thing I'm going to continue my EVOO deep conditioner, at least 1 - 2 times per week. However, for the next session, I am going to seal with only grease and see what happens. I know many give grease the side-eye, but with these kind of results I'm going to consider myself an equal opportunity product tester. I'm not too thrilled about the ingredient list, so maybe if this does benefit my hair, I may look for a more "natural" grease. Another thing, my hair doesn't feel greasy, I think the trick here was applying a small amount.

Do you have some grease hiding in your closet? What are your experiences with grease?


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