Monday, March 5, 2012

Shopping Overhaul

The other night I was invited to dinner at a friend's home. We met a few years ago through my husband and hit it off immediately. Well, the other night we both discovered something about each other for the first time! We are both product junkies! It was amazing, our husbands were laughing at us as we sat on the couch talking about our "addictions". She kept running into the bathroom and pulling out products and explaining what ingredients they held. Something even cooler, she makes most of her beauty products!! She gave me a website where I can find a bunch of essential oils, butters and natural ingredients to use on my hair and to make my own products. This crazy lady spent hours and bought waaay too many things (don't give a PJ a website). I'm really excited, because I have a source for quality ingredients close to where I live! I'm going to try making my own conditioner and the hubby a shampoo for starters. I'll also start to make my own moisturizer. This is great news for me, because if I like the results, I'll no longer need lug a suitcase full of products from the US. Customs always checks my suitcase!

My friend is going to show me the proper way to make soap as well. She uses lye, but uses more oils and butters in proportion to it, so it cancels out the lye and leaves an excess of moisturizing agents. She also adds an lactic acid, which prevents the PH level from being too high and the soap typically ranges from 4.5 - 5.5.

I also ordered henna and rhassoul clay. I want to try out rhassoul clay as a cleansing agent/shampoo, I've heard good things about it. The henna I purchased is cassia, so it's a neutral color. I was too nervous about the color I'd get with henna. My hair is naturally sort of reddish-brown, so I was apprehensive about the outcome.

Indigo is too dark for me and I'm no mixing expert, so I played it safe.

I'll start off by doing the cassia treatments once every other week and see how I like it. I read on CN that it has similar properties to henna, minus the longevity of the effects and it doesn't elongate the curl, which I'm okay with. Once I start seeing gray hairs (probably just talked them up), I will revisit henna with dye.

For some information on rhassoul clay and henna, here are some useful sites/blogs:

Rhassoul clay:



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