Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too Cute?

The other day, my husband and I decided to bring sexy back. We got all dressed up and had reservations at a restaurant. I put on a little black dress and went to the bathroom to check my hair. I had already worn it up earlier in the day and wasn't going to do anything special, because it still looked good. As I pondered which headband to accessorize with, the hubby sees me reaching for one and tells me in his opinion I should go without it.

At first, I was a bit put off, because I always wear headbands...did that mean he had a problem with them. I asked him why he felt I shouldn't wear one. His response, sometimes less is more. He explained that he finds me really cute when I'm dressed casually in jeans and a tee and put on a headband. However, he felt that an outfit, like the one I was wearing didn't need the cute accessories. I appreciated his honesty and in the end agreed. It made me realize, since becoming natural, I always have some sort of cute accessory. Trust me, I love accessories, but maybe I've been hiding behind them a little. So now when I get ready, I assess whether the headband brings anything to my outfit or if it's simply overkill.

As I wrote in a previous post, I've been wearing a lot of puffs lately. Normally I would wear a puff and put on a headband or scarf, but I tried something new recently. Here is a cute style (puff+retro bump) inspired by Simplyounique, if you don't know her, look her up on Youtube! Her videos are honest, to the point and show her journey from big chop to her current length. She is very positive and inspiring!

P.S. - 1 year ago and a day from today was when I last relaxed my hair!! So, I've got 11 months of growth, technically (considering that new growth would normally appear one month post-relaxer).

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