Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It Creept Up on Me! Henna Time!

I've been applying cassia treatments to my hair since March and have really enjoyed the results. However, last night my hubby discovered something that made me change my mind about cassia. What was that something? My first gray hair!! I'm trying to be cool about it, it was bound to happen at some point. However, the idea of the gray hair still makes me a little uneasy (superficial, but true). I had my hair in braids last night and my husband reached over and yanked on a hair. I screamed, of course, and he felt bad and said he thought it was one of our cat's hairs (this happens often that a piece of her fur ends up in my hair). Not knowing what to do, I asked my husband to cut the gray hair really short. I heard my Mom's voice in the back of my head saying "pluck one and you'll get 10". It's not in a noticeable spot side of my hair and closer to the bottom of my hair, however, I have to accept it and the others that will follow.

Since I don't want to dye my gray hairs blond, I think I am going to give my cassia to my husband, if he's interested (aka I offer or insist on letting him be by guinea pig). Well, I guess if I apply cassia straight away it shouldn't dye my hair. In any case, this means I am now Team Henna. This summer, I'll head to the States for a few weeks and will purchase a supply of henna to bring back with me. I saw Curly Nikki, the Queen of Henna, uses super fine sifted Jamila henna. I think I'll try to find the same kind. Customs is going to have fun with me when I return!

What type of henna are you using? If you have gray hair(s), what color did henna dye them?

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