Thursday, July 5, 2012

Twist me up

I <3 twists!!! I may try to challenge myself and leave them in for 2 weeks, even if that means washing my hair in twists. My ends feel so moisturized and rejuvenated since I've started twisting. Today, I had an interview, so simply pulled my twists back. I find the smaller my twists, the more looks I can pull off. I don't think I'll ever do mini-twists, too time consuming for me. This summer, I'll go back home and I'm playing around with the idea of getting braids. My only fear is putting stress on my edges from the braids being to tight. I've never had braids before, so we'll see. Marley braids look really cool, that or Senegalese twists.

Have you ever tried braids, if so what was your experience?


  1. I swear your hair is the twin sister of Napptural 85's, lol. So pretty, and growing, girl, love the twists!

    1. Aw, Thanks! =) It's at such an awkward length. The twists have helped with that!