Monday, July 2, 2012

Keeping it Tidy

There are many advantages to going natural, for example thicker, healthier hair, reduced expenses (in my case at least). However, there is one down-side that has come along with going natural and that's the  amounts of products, oils, potions and styling tools I've accumulated in my medicine cabinet. Everything in a marriage should be 50/50, my husband would say we do not abide by this philosophy when it comes to storing products in the bathroom.

Up until recent, I everywhere I went, I'd leave a trail of hairpins, oily finger prints and drops of oil from my bottles My cabinets were overflowing with flexirods and headbands. Now I've managed to get my "natural disaster" under control. Here's a few tricks I use to keep things neat and tidy.

  • The only things that go in my medicine cabinets are products I use only a daily basis. 
  • For my stock or extra supply of products, I put those in a storage closet.
  • For accessories, styling tools and products that I use one every once in a while to a couple of times in a month, I store them in my closet. You could also store them under your bed, if you don't have room in your closet. I place rollers, drying bonnets, headbands, etc. in old shoe boxes, slap a label on the box and voila. Doesn't cost me a dime and saves me room in my bathroom. If you wanted to get fancy and use these boxes for decoration, you could glue wrapping paper with a cute design around the box... I may do this if I find time. 
  • Always place paper towels under oils.
  • Always have a dry towel on hand during my styling process to wipe product off of my hands before proceeding to open or touch anything. 

What tricks do you use to stay tidy?

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