Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthing While Black

I'm not pregnant, nor is this entry about hair care while giving birth.

I came across this article this morning and thought I'd share. I rarely, with the exception of blogs I follow, have the occasion to read about or see images of Black women's experiences in marriage, love and motherhood in mainstream media. When I do read an article on such matters it tends to be a spew of skewed statistics stating some alarming crisis plaguing black women (i.e. most recent "the single lady/marriage crisis"). This morning while reading the Huffington Post Black Voices section, my eyes quickly landed on an article  "Birthing while Black: An Experience I'll Never Forget", I thought it would be a personal, touching story about one's first birthing experience or something of that nature. Well, after reading the article, I found it was personal and touching but not in a positive way. Read for yourself here . I already find the medical birthing industry to be a money pushing, impersonal, fast-fix industry--- however, this article takes it to another level.

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