Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I achieved 2 day hair!!

I'm so thrilled, as the title of this post indicates, I achieved 2 day hair. This is something every Youtuber/Vlogger that I watch, seems to achieve with such ease and grace! I tried it once and looked a hot mess! 

I have major deadlines coming up, but promise to post on this soon. I just got super excited, so wanted to document it on my blog! I'll be attempting this again tomorrow, to see if I can achieve 3 day hair. I achieved 2 day hair without twists or braids and it took me 10 minutes to style my hair!

While I'm here other things I am testing out on the guinea pig (aka myself) are: 
-Reduced tangling (1 - 2 times per week)
  • Interested in seeing if this helps in length retention. My theory is the less time spent bothering and manipulating my curls, the better. I hope it reduce breakage and increases curl definition. I notice when I comb my hair my curls tend to loose definition. I plan on detangling on wash day and then mid week. If tangling gets to be too much of course I'll go back to my every other day routine.
-No sealing. 
  • I'm convinced sealing is a bad thing for my low porosity hair. I haven't sealed in one week and my hair has never felt this soft and build-up free, since going natural.
-Pre pooing
  •  I did this when I was transitioning and didn't notice a difference. I did this last week and my hair was SO soft, so I'll continue using my oils for this instead of sealing.

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