Friday, January 13, 2012

Protein-Moisture Balance

While the idea of using protein has always made me a little apprehensive. I've always felt a little protein was necessary. The reason being, too much conditioner (for my hair) can't always be a good thing. I notice when I condition and deep condition on a regular basis, my hair is soft and supple, but it's also more prone to breakage. The goal for me is soft hair that is coily and springy and doesn't snap or break off. I don't think I need to do protein treatments consistently, but I don't want to write them off all together. 

I found this really interesting article, which in my opinion, explains the protein-moisture balance very accurately. The author suggests a moisturizing protein treatment that I will try, maybe next month, depending on how my hair feels. You use a small amount of protein treatment and mix it in with a lot of moisturizing conditioners. This is basically a deep conditioner that provides a small amount of protein.

Feel free to share your personal experience with or thoughts on protein treatments (relaxed or natural). Do you use protein? 


P.S. - I've added a new tab: Regimen that includes my current regimen. This is what works for me at my current length, I guess it will evolve over time.

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