Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carpe Diem: 9 month update

First and foremost, Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you are having a wonderful start in 2012 and are enjoying keeping up with your resolutions! I for one can already feel spring approaching as the days gradually grow longer. I can't wait, it's my second favorite season next to fall! Can't wait to leave my house and not worry about my hair being damp and it being too cold outside. 

My resolutions for 2012 are:
  • To finish my thesis.
  • Find a permanent job after I finish my thesis.
  • Take a fun class with my husband (we've decided on tango, hope I don't break any toes).
  • Exercise at least 3 xs per week.
  • Continue eating healthy and to learn a bit about herbal remedies. I've recently started making my own tea using ginger, honey and cloves-- it's great for digestion and circulation (my fingers and toes are always cold and I've noticed results already)!
  • Do things I love and do them often!
  • Learn to keep an orchid alive, I've killed 2 in a matter of months!

I'm really enjoying my short natural hair! At first when I transition chopped I was so caught up on my hair growing that I almost forgot to enjoy rocking my new cut! The other day I thought to myself, long hair will be so lovely, but boy oh boy is it going to be a big hassle when it comes to washing. So my new motto is "rock what I've got". Besides, my hair can only grow down from here! Well, I guess it can also grow upwards and horizontally too, lol! I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's growing everyday and it's healthy so I shouldn't worry about the length, just let it do its thing.

I really love my curls. I like how they spring back every time I pull them out or how I can twirl my finger around my curl and watch it curl up even more. I really enjoy when my husband leans over and smells my hair and enjoys the scent of my product. I know it's cheesy, but these are the things I enjoy. 

On another note, I realize the other day that although my last relaxer was March 5th that does not make me 10 months natural. Since my new growth didn't normally start to grow/reveal itself until about 6 weeks post relaxer. I will estimate that I am currently 9 months natural. Not very important, but just thought this estimate was more accurate. 

My new regimen is working wonderfully! I've added a bit of an extreme deep conditioner to my regimen, will report more later! Shampooing once a week has also been amazing, it's just what my hair needed! I am going to make one of those little regimen calendars to post it to the blog soon. So yay for good hair news!

Here are some pictures comparing my hair from the beginning of December up until now:



January (poofy and loving it)

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