Friday, January 27, 2012

Mission Destroy Afro-Mullet

In an attempt to coax my hair through its awkward phase, I tried something new last night.

So yesterday's wash-n-go headband combo (see prior post), worked really well. My curls were really defined, moist and shiny. Last night, I thought it would be unfortunate to throw on a satin cap and wake up to flat, matted curl, after having a good hair day. So I revisited a styling method I used during my transition, the bantu knot out. Why didn't I think of this sooner?! The results were much nicer than the twist-out attempt and it calmed down the volume of my hair! My hair is super thick and dense-- so I'm all set with volume. Today, I'm enjoying "flat hair". The bantu knot out was done on a dry wash n go, with conditioner as my leave-in, I just slicked on a small amount of jojoba before styling.

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